Located in Madison, WI.

Housed on the picturesque Isthmus of Madison providing an island of innovation and creatively conveniently located next door to the expertise afforded by the University of Wisconsin campus.

Intelligent Data Analytics for the Digital Media Industry

Entremere’s big data analytics captures hard-to-get digital media transaction data to deliver high-value digital business intelligence reports. Entremere links analytics with an intelligent digital media management system so each transaction can independently determine what information is needed and how it will be used, thus creating multiple layers of content and market data, giving greater control over managing digital content, licensing, terms-of-use, copyrights and marketing.

Entremere uniquely captures all digital transaction data in broadcast networks,
while other companies capture consumer data in social media networks.

Featured offering:  Ad and Product Placement Application for Video Broadcasting

Entremere and its business partner, Cugate AG, have developed a new advertising system for digital TV broadcasters, video streaming platforms and online marketers.